Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mr. Jones Premiere

Just got back from New York.  We attended the premiere of Karl Mueller's Mr. Jones at the Tribeca Film Festival.  An absolutely surreal experience to see my scarecrows on the big screen.  We met fellow haunter Noah Fentz in the lobby and then met up with K.O. and her husband.  Hanging with those guys made the entire experience unforgettable.  Truly.

Super excited for Karl and everyone involved with the film for getting a distribution by Anchor Bay.  Hopefully soon we'll get some specifics on the deal, and a trailer.

The first clip has been released.
Click below to watch (no scarecrows though):


girl6 said...

you slickster you..
i coulda sworn, you posted, you were going to let us know, when the premiere was going to be...oh boo!

Rot said...

I apologize!
Here's the rest of the schedule:

showing tonight and the 24th in NY

: (

Willow Cove said...

Aw man, that's great! I bet it was awesome to see your own work on the big screen. So may I ask, do you get acknowledged in the credits? Was it a big crowd? Did it seem like the audience liked it?

wicKED said...

I can't tell you how excited I am for you! If anybody deserves recognition for the best Halloweeny props on earth, it is you! Well done old buddy!

Shani said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! SUPER excited for you and I can not wait to see those scarecrows!!! Liking what we've seen so far...can't wait to see more!!!

Sara said...

This is really sounding like a dream come true for you both! Many congrats and best of luck with what the future is bringing your way. :)

ShellHawk said...

Wait... You were in a place with other people??????
;) lol

Congratulations! It must have been an amazing experience! I simply can't wait to see your contribution to the film world!

House Bloodthorn said...

Congrats, man. Can't wait to see it when it gets out my way.

Steve Ring said...

Awesomely awe-inspiring! You'll have your own IMDB page, now.

Marrow said...


The more I read about this the more I desperately want to see it!

P.S. Not sure if you knew...

Rot said...

Thanks, all : )

Yep, Marrow. Saw that earlier. Very cool.

Ragged Grin said...

The elusive master in public....stunned....

But seriously, very happy for you, deserve it a thousand times over. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing it.

NoahFentz said...

Yeah...I saw that tickets went on sale on April 19th to the general public. Opening night was already sold out. I debated to go on Saturday because it kinda would have been a hassle. By a fluke I tried again late Thursday and saw that tickets were available. I jumped right on it. I had a dentist appointment in the City so I would make a day of it.

After walking around the City taking pictures I got to the theater early (5PM- movie started at 8:30). It was fun watchin the autograph hounds and the everyday city folk passing by. I LOVE the City!!

I made my way to the perfect seat. I was very excited to experience my first Tribeca Film Festival and watch all of Rot's creations on the big Screen....THEN this guy with this HUGE Pumpkinhead and branchy arms with this beautiful starlet on his arm comes strolling in and sits right in front of me!! I mean, COME ON!!

It definitely was one of my most memorable events. The 2nd most awesome part of the evening( the first was meeting MR.Rot and Ms.Bean in person)was actually being a witness, a bystander of Mr.Rot and Ms.Bean introducing themselves to the director for the first time.

It was a night of Magic!!Congratulations Guys and Thank You!!

Rot said... that how it all happened? ; )

Yeah, it was odd about the tickets. We figured we wouldn't attend due to it being sold out, but then the producer emailed asking if we wanted tickets. So I said yes but was unsure of making it up to NY. Then it looked like they changed the status from Sold Out to "RUSH" the day before the premiere..meaning people had to get them in person at the theater.

It's strange how it all works...only American Express card holders could buy the single tickets when they first went on sale...then second pick went to New Yorkers...then it sold out.

I'm so glad the producer emailed.

Going back into hiding now ; )

Autumnleaf said...

What an amazing experience this must have been for you and Bean!! Your work is truly deserving of a big screen and an even bigger audience. My heartfelt congrats!

Rot said...


I'm excited to see it again.
Can't wait to see what sort of distribution it gets.

Rot said...

Willow Cove,
Yep...huge single credit at the end


It was awesome because Bean, K.O., her husband, and Noah all clapped when it came up... a fun atmosphere in there since so many of the production people were there.

girl6 said...

i Bet, y'all were looking Xtra Glamorous, wearing Long fur coats & using Xtra Lonnng ciggie holders too!.
& that's ONLY Rot, Noah, & K.O.'s hub i'm talking about..hahaha.. : D

Sounds like a MAGICAL Evening.<333333
Congratulations Again Guys!!!..

i CAN'T wait to check it out!!!..

Rania said...

Wow! It all sounds amazing. Life sounds like it is treating you well! So deserved too. Can not WAIT to see the film!

The Gill-Man said...

So incredible! Now the rest of the world can know what WE already do...that Pumpkinrot is the undisputed MASTER of Haunters! Congrats man...and I cannot wait to see the film!!

Rot said...

Thanks, guys!

K.O. said...

I just saw this! :) Awesome!! It was a really cool, unique story, and your creations looked INCREDIBLE in the film! Congratulations again!

Amy said...

Crap! I would have made the trip up had I known.

Will we be getting a blu ray or theater release in October?