Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Sculptures by artist Sayaka Ganz.

More images here.


girl6 said...

i figured out what this was subconsciously reminding me of... "Body Worlds" the traveling exhibition of preserved human bodies and body parts that are prepared using a technique called plastination to reveal inner anatomical structures. The exhibition's developer and promoter is German anatomist Gunther von Hagens, who invented the plastination technique in the late 1970s at the University of Heidelberg.

Yep, kinda...but a sculpted version tho

have you guys ever gone to a "Body Worlds" exhibit?...we have...&..dude!!!...ummm...the visions STILL linger in our minds. : D

your blog Always inspires me...
Now, i gotta an idea for a posting
on Flickr... :)

Rot said...

I totally see that.
Nah, we've never gone.
Though I would love to see that exhibit.