Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Man Who Shot Sasquatch

We were watching Monsters and Mysteries in America last week.  It's a series with low production value and a lot of cheese, but it has some decent content.  Justin Smeja was featured last night, and he claims to have shot an adult Sasquatch and killed a juvenile Squatch.  I'm no friend of Bigfoot and I subscribe to the view that, if real, they're what the American Indian believed to be a human-like race which fed on humans (see:  Missing 411).

Well, Smeja described hunting with his friend and coming across a Bigfoot.  He aimed and took a shot.  The adult fell to the ground and was trying to crawl further into the woods to escape.  Then he saw two juveniles.  He pursued and shot one in the throat, even held it in his arms as it died.

It was like being behind that mirror in an interrogation room, listening to a murderer tell how he did it.  Very strange and chilling.

So I dug around and found that this is a pretty big story in the Bigfoot community.  Justin Smeja even passed a lie detector test.


girl6 said...

</3 broken ones. :(

Rot said...

yeah. it was weird.
we sat with out mouths hanging open listening to the guy.

Willow Cove said...

Yeah I watched that one. Felt like I was watching a law & order episode confessional

Grim said...

It was a chilling story, especially the part about looking into its eyes.