Friday, November 7, 2014

Collision Alert

I must confess a great fondness for this gag.
Whenever I see any variety of it, it makes me laugh.

Image source.

I wonder who invented it.
Like who did it first.


Sara said...

And I always do a double take, if the prop is large enough. Fun stuff.

Jay's Shadow said...

So Halloween I should just do my whole haunt like that.

Kind of like a gang of witches that just left a bar all drunked up and crashed into my house.

Samhain said...

Who did it first? March 19th 1692....Abigail Williams accuses Rebecca Nurse of witchcraft, she jumps on her broom and immediately hits the first oak! Cotton Mather rejoices!

Juli Riedel said...

I like those and the witch legs upside down in a planter urn!

Jeff said...

I like the witch legs, also the ones coming out of the wall, Dave Lowe style.

ShellHawk said...

An entire haunt with this theme could be fabulous, Jay's Shadow.

It should include a pair of demons with a bloody, passed-out witch on a stretcher, a couple of skeletal cops writing up accident reports, a witch puking in the bushes (something radiator fluid green, of course) with a broken broom nearby, and a few witches having a drunken sing-along hearkening back to the original, unsanitized Pirates of the Caribbean ride.
Hmm, what should they be singing?

girl6 said...

watch out for that treeeee!
hahahha. : D