Monday, November 10, 2014

The Entity

We watched this awesome film tonight.  It's genuinely terrifying and presented in a believable manner that almost rivals the original Exorcist film.  The soundtrack by Charles Bernstein is definitely in the top tier horror scores of all time, though film and score are rarely mentioned in folks' recommended horror viewings.

There's an extra feature on the dvd called The Entity Files and features an interview with one of the investigators in the real life case.  I think it might be more terrifying than the film.  Sadly I couldn't locate it on youtube.

A spooky evening for sure.

Click below for a track from the soundtrack:


Adam said...

you know this is upping the ante HUGE for me. Especially when talking up the music.

Frankenrock said...

I picked up the blu of this last year for only $6. Great flick. Some serisouly intense scenes with the woman and the ghost. I didn't watch the doc you mentioned, i'll have to check if thats a special feature on the blu and check it out

Jay's Shadow said...

Hell, that tune would scare the crap out of anyone if you heard it while standing in a completely dark room.

girl6 said...

i just checked it out!!
& i really enjoyed it...VERY scary.
i totally felt & saw the Poltergeist similarities too, with the specials effects & so on.

SO great to see Barbara Hershey (in anything).
seeing her & Karen Black, especially in a film like this, always makes me feel like i'm home, yeah, like coming home. LOVE those ladies!

RIParadise Ron Silver. :(