Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Invaders From Mars

The 1953 version.

This was one of those films I saw when I was young enough to become instantly convinced that members of my family might no longer be members of my family.  The kind of fear that makes you try to stay awake, because your brother might be waiting for you to fall asleep so he could kill you.

The remake in 1986 was way cool too, with some amazing creature effects.

Click below for the trailer:


Jay's Shadow said...

I remember seeing the remake.

Totally forgot about it.

Stephanie D said...

I was 5 years old when I saw the original--hiding in the hallway so my parents wouldn't know I was out of bed and watching. Then I got busted, sent to bed, and had my first (that I remember) nightmare. From then on, I had to see the endings of scary movies, so I wouldn't finish the story in my dreams.

Rot said...

THanks for sharing.
neat memory.