Sunday, January 25, 2015

Now Playing: Fallen

By John Carpenter, from the soon to be released Lost Themes (looks like it leaked).
Dying to buy this.

Click below:


highbury said...

I'm going to hold off on listening to this. The record releases in 2 more weeks, and I want to be surprised when I get it. For me, there's no fun in listening to a brand new record when you have already heard half of the tracks. Sorry, rant over!

Rot said...

Funny...bean and I had a similar conversation this morning after I posted this.

I want to be driving around with Bean listening to the entire thing at once...rather than a few tracks at a time.

Joel said...

Looks like it's been taken down for copyright reasons anyway, which is maybe for the best as you guys have said. So far the only track I've heard is Vortex, which is a very promising teaser.

Rot said...

NPR has the album for streaming if you wish.