Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sinister 2

I can't stand most horror films with kids in them, and this seems to be packed with kids.  I actually enjoyed everything about the first Sinister film, except for the kids and Mr. Boogie.

Saw this art from the second film and I found myself wishing they contacted me for some scarecrow concept designing.  I think I could have nailed it.


Hopsy the beer drinking clown said...

Looks like they went with the typical, garden variety, stuffed clothing scarecrow. How disappointing.

Joel said...

Looks an awful lot like Harold.

Ragged Grin said...

Yeah not very impressive.

K.O. said...

Ha--yeah, seriously!! I can't even believe this pathetic attempt at a scarecrow. It looks like a fat, bloated, balding version of Brandon Lee from The Crow. :(
And why exactly does it have hair anyways? And is it wearing some kind of burlap mini-cape?! :(
They totally should've contacted the Master!!

girl6 said...

idk...i just checked out the trailer & it doesn't seem as good as the first movie, hard to tell tho. & i kept thinkin of willy wonka & the chocolate factory for some reason. : D

hmmmm..& children of the corn too.

Frankenrock said...

What's with all the Ssshhhh faces in modern horror? Shit is stupid

girl6 said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!..shit is stupid.
NO you didn't Hallsy.
to the 25th power...(i stole that line)

The Captain said...

It wasn't as good as the first one. It was alright though. Funny thing about that photo is that I don't think it's even in the movie? I dont recall Bagul up on the scarecrow pole. The only scarecrow action in the film is a family being BBQ'ed ala cornfield scarecrow burning man style.