Saturday, August 1, 2015

Season 2

Not safe for work...


Hallowaltz said...

Haha! Aint it the f'n truth. Shit sucks so bad. I don't even know what they are investigating or who they are after at this point.

Rot said...

I hate jumping on that bandwagon, but i think Vince Vaughn wasn't the right fit for his character, though I'm not sure who would have been...I'm thinking a young Christopher Walken...then the lines wouldn't be so funny.
Love Colin's performance though.
But in the end, I just don't care about Casper's murder and where anyone is going to end up.
Everyone I know who watches it is just waiting for it to end. But hanging on.

Willow Cove said...

I gave up....probably when The Strain started.
And then they shut off our free HBO we had for a year.

Hal9thou said...

I watched the first episode last night with my sister and we decided to pass on the rest of them. If you are going to try and channel Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks, you better do it damn well.

Jeano Roid said...

That David Lynch vibe didn't last past the first episode - unfortunately.
I suspect it is very difficult to create an 8 episode cop drama that maintains greatness.
Part of the issue is that if you don't start taking notes re the names of people they are discussing throughout the series (and you need to right off the bat) you mostly get lost in the mire here. There was a bit of that in Season One but the characters were so rich and the backdrop so lovely that it mattered less.
No 10 minute one-shots this time around..
maybe next season.
At least the new season of Fargo looks great..