Thursday, August 13, 2015



girl6 said...

oh....that was so Thrillllling...i watched it twice. don't ya love how the outside winter shots look, all that icy white witha tinge of blue..brrrrrr

& i really really appreciate all the movies you expose us to on what's brewing. i checked out The Babadook & Digging Up the Marrow because i saw them over here &&&&& i loved them both SO much. The Bababdook is now part of my permanent movie collection & Digging Up the Marrow will be soon. DUTM, means so much to me, it's such a super sweet little monster movie, so old school in fact. it holds a special place in my heart. i love monsters.

Oh & i don't think i woulda checked out Pumpkinhead if you didn't recommend it so highly. it had slipped under my radar for some reason? i think, maybe i thought it was a making fun type of movie for some reason. anyway....i own that one too. Thanks Rot!!!. : )