Monday, November 16, 2015

Now Re[ReReReReReRe]-Playing: Grave Desire

I've played this particular song so many times.

By Man With The Spinning Face, from the latest release from Halloween at High Noon.
Just reiterating that this entire album is pure gold.  We've been listening to this constantly and it's helping keep that Halloween feeling alive and well.

After watching, and falling in love with, Ash vs. Evil Dead, I feel like this album would be the perfect soundtrack to so many scenes.

Click below for some tracks:


girl6 said...

ohhh yeah..nice connection between the two.

we are loving this show!!!
that Ashley is one of the best horror icons EVER. & come on, that is totally because of Mr. Bruce, he really is a sparkly sort. i'm STILL screamin & clappin over the first episode (such a great return). HAHAHAHA & sooooo clever.

you may have checked it out already...but, there are some GREAT special features on the NEW Special edition (bluray) of..Army of Darkness...Omg...the doc is a super awesome watch. so cool to hear all the crazy behind the scenes stories & apparently, Bruce is VERY enthusiastic & has a wonderful imagination, so no one could really deny him anything & just pretty much let him run with it. i think that's pretty obvious tho, even without any confirmations. Love him & Sam... : )

ohhhh & i keep forgetting to mention...Carl started watching "scream queens" awhile back. so between you two digging it, i checked it out..HAHAHHA!..OH my god..Chad Radwell IS SOOOO crazy!!!. funny stuff. & we passed it on to one of the dudes that works in the supermarket & now, he's hooked too!!. : D

Rot said...

I'll have to check that out.
I actually only watched the premiere and wasn't crazy about it, but I've heard it's really good.
I was on the SCREAM mtv series trip and really love that and think it's loads of fun.
but I'll have to check out scream queens.

girl6 said...

i thought you said scream queens.
hahaha..i am always always SO mixed up.

yeah, scream queens is vulgar, crazy, no one is lovable & jamie leigh kinda did her spin on her mom's infamous shower scene & the exchange between Chad Radwell & Chanel #1 (Emma Roberts) where he sorta commits to her...HAHAHAHAHA!!!..blew my mind. Carl & i are still saying it back & forth to each other. (he does a really good impression)..HAHAAHHA...omg....i die every time. : )

bean said...

It's just not Halloween in this house without these guys.