Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Horror Movie Montage


Jeanne Wright said...


The Creeping Cruds said...

LOL good job!

Here's my annual go-to Christmas horror/song video:
Foggy Windows by Unknown Hinson
Whoever put this one together was having a laugh!

girl6 said...

this IS the Best of the BEST...Gold.
how classic is the "bag over the head" scene in black christmas. & those Gremlins, scurrying along into the night. HAHAHAHA!!!. & man...rare exports is SO clever with it's "where do those dept. store, coookie cutter santa's, really come from?" : D

& i see a NEW Classic too. : D <333
the actors who played max & omi have such beautiful faces. loved seeing their faces together..the young & the wise.<3

girl6 said...

your krampus snowmen felt like they were born from these old old old school vintage beauties...scary sinister beauties..<3