Friday, January 8, 2016

Krampus DVD/Blu-ray Release

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has slated a February 23 disc date for KRAMPUS, Michael Dougherty’s Yuletide horror hit in which “the shadow of St. Nicholas” and his killer-toy minions wreak havoc on a dysfunctional family. It’ll be available on DVD and a Blu-ray/DVD/digital combo pack.



Rot said...

it'll be great to watch this again during the Winter.
so glad it's getting a quick release.

Jay's Shadow said...


The Gill-Man said...

Very pleased to hear this news!! I just absolutely loved everything about it!!!!

Mark Faucett said...

That's great!

Juli Riedel said...

Yeah! Cannot wait to get a copy!

girl6 said...

soooooo Exciting!!!!.<3
& i will even file my copy outta order...i will place it right after "rare exports" where they shall live, side by side, happily ever after!!!

Home Alone meets Poltergeist!!!. : D

Amy said...

Just saw the Dougherty said this date was bogus on Twitter :(

Rot said...

that's nuts.
how can every horror site report bogus data?

this is b/s.