Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Reaper Cometh

How I feel after shoveling.
Image source.

Thanks, Colleen!


Jay's Shadow said...

Ha. Great pic.

I used a snow blower, for me and three other neighbors, for two days............

My body hurts.

Sara said...

Hey that's a really cool picture.

girl6 said...

HAHAHAHAH!!!! no way!
that pic really sums up saturday in philly...hahahha!!

hope you guys ran out into the snow for a little bit of play. it was insane out there!!!! scary & kinda wonderful too. we were out for a spell, the winds were howling, the snow was whipping around & drifting like a badass MOFO..i couldn't breathe a few times & i have to say it was magical!!!!..hahahha. good times.