Monday, January 4, 2016

The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?

We watched this great documentary over the weekend. 

Click below for the trailer:


girl6 said...

we caught this a bit ago & man it was such a crazy cool watch!!! hahahha...i
mean, wow, to see the "superman universe" done sooooo spidery was like ????, i don't even know. & seeing tim burton at home, so everyday like, with the macabre home decor & just hangin out was like, yeah man, right on dude, livin it in real life. hahaha!!!..loved that. sucha bummer when that dude (what's his name) would bring his rude kids onto set & they wouldn't even acknowledge anyone but...would just critique away on what sucked. omggg, i think that part blew my mine the most. but then again, idk, cause there was just soooooo much crazy goin on. & poor kevin smith, ahhhhhhhhh, i don't even know what to say. & tim b. is just like, "NO i'm NOT listenin"..HAHAHAHA!!!. this really captured how hard it is to make sense outta chaos & actually turn it into a film. damn. you must wake up on some days & just be trippin over your heart ALLL day. ughhh. great watch tho. & i will always ALWAYS love nick c!!!. : D

hey..we checked out the new spike lee "vampire film" called, da sweet blood of jesus. it's actually a remake of the 70's film, ganja & hess. he got the funds thru a kickstarter thing & had people summit their own music compositions & acutally picked what he liked & used that for the official soundtrack, which IS really really cool by the way. he wanted complete control over everything & got it..<33333

oh & we checked out...we're still here (i think it's called). it's produced (NOT directed) by the same people would did innkeepers. really worth checkin out, especially if you're a fucli fan (some nice homages to the beyond, etc) very cool retro looking vibe caught quite nicely!!.

Jeff said...

I had just moved here when this was going on and through an acquaintance happened upon a script. It was obviously very different...would have been interesting. Not the biggest Cage fan, but I would have been in line. Have to watch this doc at some point.

girl6 said...

Hey Jeff, if you ever get the chance check out Adaptation sometime. omgggg...chris cooper..meryl streep..& nick c. (3 of my faves) sooooo crazy & good on sooooo many different levels...'s <333