Friday, February 26, 2016

Begging For Candy


girl6 said...

HAHAAHA..Right On!
it is the BEST colour tho.

those rings!..
weren't they like always black.
hardly ever a vibrant blue or green.
hey, pass me that pet rock will ya.
come back 70's!!!!!.<333

girl6 said...

& that blog header. swoooooooon!
speaking of vvitch..<3

Anonymous said...

Man, forgot about those.
Pet rocks, mood rings, feathers on clips and peace signs........lord help me.

I was working on my well water system today, so if I was wearing one of those, it would of blown up.

Anonymous said...

And I agree with girl6, black IS the best color.

Colleen said...

Heehee... Cute

girl6 said...

ahahaaaahahha...ohhhh Jay..nothing bad woulda happened cause you're a water witch. that's why your jacks burn SO brightly without taking down the neighbourhood!.<3

& put your bell bottoms on!!!. : D

Mason said...

Perfect! I really love Begging For Candy. I really hope you compile a book one day, because I want one.