Monday, February 1, 2016

Lost Themes II

Some exciting news regarding John Carpenter's next release...
Absolutely loving the track names:
Lost Themes II track listing:
1. Distant Dream (3:51)
2. White Pulse (4:21)
3. Persia Rising (3:40)
4.Angel’s Asylum (4:17)
5.Hofner Dawn (3:15)
6.Windy Death (3:40)
7.Dark Blues (4:16)
8.Virtual Survivor (3:58)
9.Bela Lugosi (3:23)
10. Last Sunrise (4:29)
11. Utopian Facade (3:48)

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Jon Glassett said...

Stoked. The first one was great.

highbury said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes! I'm hoping he might play somewhere even remotely close to me when he goes on tour in the US! Can't wait to hear this!!

girl6 said...

we ARE SO hoping he plays near us!!!
we saw goblin..fabio frizzi..GOTTA seee JC to complete that PERFECT trilogy..<333

if he played the underground arts (too) it would BE HEAVEN!!!