Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Now Playing: Distant Dream

From the forthcoming John Carpenter release...


highbury said...

Another killer track! I went in on the limited vinyl today, and now I wait... I'm almost 100% certain that I will be driving to Detroit on July 15 to see him live!! Anyone else??

Rot said...

Agreed...I love this track.

So cool about the Detroit trip.

We still play the first album all the time.

Can't wait for the new one.

girl6 said...

beautiful waves of sound...sigh
i wonder what his hands look like, (especially his fingers) bet they're as lovely as his mind. what beautiful music they make. (couldn't resist : D )

awwwww man, the closest to us is nyc.. i'm so used to the underground arts, which is sucha intimate little spot, i can't imagine the spot in nyc being the same...idk guess my musical giallo cake won't be iced with JC after sad..was REALLY hoping : (

this one's for JC.

PS...have a GREAT time highbury!!!.. : )