Friday, September 16, 2016

Now Playing: The Magnificent Seven

Director Antoine Fuqua was provided with a surprising gift when he began making his contemporary remake of “The Magnificent Seven”: Seven themes composed by the late Oscar-winning composer James Horner (“Titanic”), who died last year in a plane crash. Horner didn’t live long enough to screen any footage, but he read the script and provided the backbone of the score for Fuqua. Indeed, after collaborating on “Southpaw” together, Horner convinced the director to make “The Magnificent Seven” when he was ambivalent about the project and worried about financing.


girl6 said...

awwwww. : (

i think about The Seven Samurai & The Magnificent Seven a lot. i think technically, Seven Samurai is probably a better movie, i guess, but, i LOVE The Magnificent SO much!!! those guys all feel like old friends to me. i dunno. maybe, i'm just soooooo in love with angel eyes & tuco (different movie i know...but) that i can't see straight & have an unbiased opinion. ahhhhh tuco, one of my great loves!!

we got to meet eli wallach once!!...yep, at the ethics society right near rittenhouse square. HAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!! Carl that lucky dog got to pee right next to him in the mens room too & Eli even made small talk with Carl!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHA!!!! OMG...he was SO cool to listen to & his lovely wife Anne Jackson was also with him. sucha lovely couple & night!!

God Bless Eli & James H...GREAT dudes!!

Mark Faucett said...

so psyched about this one!