Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tangerine Dream's Stranger Things

Man, this made my day.
Tangerine Dream is a religious experience in our house, so this is absolutely amazing to hear...

Click below:


Sara said...

I didn't know they were releasing a vinyl of the soundtrack!! I'm pretty excited about that.

This was awesome. I must say that this series has quickly become a favorite and we both adore the music. The composers totally nailed the sound. It's cool to think that contemporary composers are able to replicate and even improve on a vintage sound. Just love it.

Tangerine Dream is badass. Thanks for posting.

Amy said...

That was awesome. Perfect morning in Pa to listen to that.

Fairly new to Tangerine Dream, any tracks that scream Fall or Halloween that you can suggest?

Thx Rot!

Rot said...


: )

Willow Cove said...

Ahhh, those are great ones!