Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Star Wars: Unmolested

Perfect word for what George Lucas has done...molested.
We had a Star Wars marathon that was playing on the tv on in the background last weekend and those horrid additional/injected/enhanced/terrible-looking/insulting/stupid scenes stood out in such a painful manner.  Especially that Jabba's Lair dance number.  Christ.

Well, it brought back all the pain (I'll be complaining about this until I die).  And then I saw the below article...  and I pray it's true.  And I pray this somehow leads to a release of the original as-I-saw-it-in-the-theater STAR WARS. 

And after watching episode IV, V, and VI again, I feel I can conclude definitively and finally that Chewbacca is a living entity.  A REAL animal humanoid.  And not some guy in a costume.

Click below for the story...


Willow Cove said...

Ha, had that marathon going on too. And was thinking the same thing.
It just makes me happy that Force awakens and Rogue One will bring back the respect the Star Wars universe deserves.

Jay's Shadow said...

"Half of a completed film......."???!! He's kidding , right?

Happy that these people put this movie back to where it is SUPPOSED to be.

I'm also glad I own the original, even though it is on vhs.

Laura said...

Look for the Harmy version. It's the original version restored to HD quality frame by frame. It's amazing. He's done Empire too and is working on Jedi. I love your blog :)