Saturday, May 27, 2017

Alien 3

Whenever this film is on TV, I think to myself "I hate this one for what it did to Newt and Hicks."  But then I keep it on and find myself loving every frame.
Incredible score too.

Click below for a really cool trailer:


Jay's Shadow said...

These movies did not disappoint.

And in my opinion, I think the alien in these movies is the ultimate creature. Biomechanical, acid for blood.

Eric Wetherington said...

I love this movie. It's criminally underrated.

Hopsy the beer drinking clown said...

Rot, search for the William Gibson Alien 3 script and concept art, it got shit canned but I think it would have been amazing. You can find it all online.

girl6 said...

THIS 3rd installment IS my favourite of ALL the Alien films. (but..only if it's the extended..workprint cut. otherwise soooo much has been cut & you miss out for example on the whole relationship Golic (Paul McGann..the 8th & SEXIEST Doctor Who) thinks he & the Alien have. hahahhaha. Poor Golic. This movie is so underrated & sadly even thrashed at times. David Fincher IS sucha great director & i am SO proud of him for totally being able to hold it together & NOT freak the eff out with how he was treated on this set. HORRIBLE that he had to go thru that & pretty much have the movie ripped from his hands. we've watched all the special features & it was really cool to see Sigourney speak of him so highly & to see the friend/father like relationship he formed with Brian Glover (Andrews) i really dug the love affair between Clemens & Ripley too, perfect match.

& for some reason...this movie has sucha strong Victoriana Vibe for me.
i LOVE it.