Monday, May 15, 2017

The Skull Behind The Dear Face; The Skull That Cradled The Thoughts And Dreams

Theophile's eyes have fallen back into their sockets and his mouth is open; his tongue is gone. She sees thin white worms teeming in the passage of his throat. His nostrils are widening black holes beginning to encroach upon the greenish flesh of his cheeks. His sleek hair is almost gone; the few strands left are thin and scummy, nibbled by waterbugs. (Sitting on the dock, Rosalie and Theophile used to spit into the water and watch the shiny black beetles swarm around the white gobs; Theophile had told her they would eat hair and toenails too.) In places she can see the glistening dome of his skull.

Poppy Z. Brite

Image by Sam Heimer.


girl6 said...

Ok Ohhhhhmmmmggggg. Poppy teamed up with Sam is like the perfect marrying of artists. honestly, i think hands down...Z Brite pens the most beautiful images of the most horrific acts ever. damn, he IS GOOD. he's a BIG Stephen King & Billy Joel fan too, kinda funny, huh.

& Sam...look at that dude's eyes, filled with cobwebs that look like lace..gahhhhh
Sam has mos def changed the mod face of Halloween, he brings it back to earlier times. & that's why i say....Happy Heimerweeeeen!!!.. : ))))))))))))))

Adam said...

Sam is a national treasure!

Rot said...

He and Rhode Montijo...the best Halloween artists who have ever walked this Earth.

girl6 said...

he A philly boy.......lovvvvvvvvvve
Rhode is not a philly boy, but, he IS equally as Tremendous.
they are a club of 2...<333333

Adam said...

Just bought 9, 9!!!!! of his Halloween prints from last year. Bye, bye money.

girl6 said...

i just snagged 2 of his Halloween figures!!!!
he's SO sweet to deal with too!!!!...<333