Thursday, May 4, 2017

Happy Star Wars Day


girl6 said...

May The Fourth Be With US ALL!!!!!
we need it NOW more than Ever

Willow Cove said...

"Chewy, was that a shoe that just hit our windshield?"

Joel said...

At work, we combined today and tomorrow, and had a "Mayo the Fourth" party. There was a Jar Jar pinata.

Sara said...

Is that true, Joel? The Jar Jar pinata? Because if so, that's awesome.

Rot said...

An older woman at work, who NEVER seems to care about anyone's interests, approached me and said "hey, you like that Star Wars stuff, right? HAPPY STAR WARS DAY!"
and i was like "i consider myself more of a Trek Guy actually..."

She looked at me like i was wearing over-sized rubber Spock ears.


Jay's Shadow said...

Haha Mr. Rot, I bet your a riot to work with. I'm sure nobody can read you. :D

Happy 4th ya'll.

Sara said...

The Star Wars thing is so....sigh...ugh, now. I feel like it's become a characiture of itself. Trek never reached those levels, right? Or it has but on a way less obnoxious level?


girl6 said...

jar jar....always in so much doo doo
the perfect pinata!!

Hal9thou said...

For those of us who saw it first release in theaters, this is one of the audience participation scenes along with the snowspeeder scene sailing over the mountains. So much fun to hear a crowd respond to the simulated motion!