Saturday, May 5, 2018

Now Playing: Cross Over

By Jon Jenkins


girl6 said...

the mashed potatoes in the Appleby's ad made me hungry hahaha

very pretty made me think of garland of letters on south street. they always play such pretty melodies. one of the many reasons i love shopping there.

Suspiria is being remade. dakota johnson is susie bannion. jessica harper is also part of the cast. but what about & argento's style? they're sorta the most important characters of Suspiria. a lot of films that are remade/rebooted or whatever don't have all the MUSIC Baggage or Colour Baggage like an Argento Film does.'s the first thing that's been coming to mind for me with this remake.

Rot said...

yeah....i've been keeping an eye on that one.
also troubled/worried/watching the score news as well.

Like how on EARTH can you top Goblin? or even try to.

Just odd.

I wish we lived in an age of new films and new stories and NEW horrors.

girl6 said...

i have wondered if maybe Goblin would consider doing something new for this remake? but then..i say Nah. The Original Score alone is deeming this film Untouchable.