Saturday, May 12, 2018

Trailer: The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen


Rot said...

i LOVE this film

Jay's Shadow said...

Yeah, this was a pretty cool film.

Willow Cove said...

Agreed. Great film.

girl6 said...

one of my FAVES..LOVE it.
it's sorta the original Penny Dreadful..& with Indy's Pop. : )
i LOVE Alan Moore too..crazy modern Rasputin man. hahahha
one xmas i gave C's bro vol. one of the comic as a gift & he gave me the same thing!!! it was soooo funny & one of the BEST gifts i have ever received.

Penny Dreadful really sucked me in too. for me..that team up of Victoriana with the Universal Monsters Universe blew my mind. SO Grand. that show was able to bring everyone together..SO Perfectly!!!

Great Post..not something you'll see on many blogs i think.

Rot said...

I think this film was too early for its own good.
Totally would have done better in the age of Penny Dreadful and all the other supernatural stuffs on the tube.

girl6 said...

yeah..i think so.
& how many great works have met their demise due to poor timing.

maybe they'll do one of those 2pack movie releases of this & Mystery Men!!
hahaha. that movie me tickles me too.

Ragged Grin said...

Loved the design of the Nautilus. Fun, cool movie overall.