Saturday, May 12, 2018


Beautiful new piece by artist William Basso.  

On display now at the Copro Nason Gallery in their Roadside Attractions 3 group show.


Lady M said...

Wow - some of the pieces they are in this exhibition are insanely cool. What a find.

Rot said...

yeah, loads of neat works.
Must confess a great disturbance upon viewing one that was as though the guy channeled Beksinski..a personal favorite artist. Like to submit a work in the exact style of a deceased artist is ludicrous to me.

Rot said...

And another guy...Dariusz Zawadzki.
Literally is painting stuff EXACTLY like though he's continuing his work.

Man, i could literally go insane with rage over that crime.

Like Christ in the Temple rage.

girl6 said...

when i looked thru his instagram. i saw he's a big Andrew Wyeth fan & it's funny..i can totally see his usage of Andrew W's colour palette thorough out his own works. & when i saw his posting of Bowie's..Diamond Dogs record album..i was like wow, part man part dog..i could see that type of splicing thru out his work as well.

& in a strange way..looking at his art overall..totally made me think of..Mark Ryden? like a much more wicked version mind you. but..i totally thought of him?

a lot of art is all starting to look the same to me.
whether, it's paint..pencil..sculptor.. photography..writing. all of it. ughhhhh. it's time for a cleanup i think. we need some NEW stuff. new eyes. the world could use someone..crazy good & original like Francis Bacon to come along & BUST. The Mold.Wide.Open.

girl6 said...

i STILL DO Love the Sideshow Bob flavours in some of his work. i can still feel & see it in his "Vex" piece. Beautiful Court Jester of the Crazy..<3

girl6 said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!..Christ in the Temple.
Never Ever Gets Old Either.

Rot said...

I just don't get some artists. Like the guy ripping on Beksinski has a load of talent, so why not find your own voice instead of ripping the style of a late artist (whom i worship).
Like if this guy wrote music and dressed like one of the Beatles and wrote and played THEIR songs with just some of the words changed A LITTLE BIT, would he be respected in the world of music? Or UN-SUED!?!?! I think not.

Beksinski had a terrible end on this planet...and here's some guy SELLING works that look JUST like his stuff.

I should start painting in the exact style of H.R. Giger and see how far I get.

Ragged Grin said...

Man you aren't kidding, love Basso, but totally did a double take upon viewing some of the other offerings available from other artists. That's pretty blatant. Find your own voice, your own baby in an eyeball cocoon creature thing.