Sunday, September 23, 2018

MR. JONES On Xfinity

Hey, if you have Xfinity as your [overpriced] cable company, MR. JONES is now available "free" to watch if you have the premium channels.

We just watched it and it was fun thinking about that weird blurry month of our lives.


VenomStorm said...

I finished going through basically your whole blog a few months ago. At some point during the Jones build you said you would post pictures of all of the crows on your lawn before you shipped them. If I remember correctly that had to do with legalities of the movie coming out or the dvd coming out first. I never found or saw those pictures. Its possible I missed them, but its more likely I missed your explanation for why you hadn't posted them. I didn't click on and read all the comments to every post. Were you not allowed to post them? I only remember the “crow that wasn't” showing up later.

I rented that movie because you made the props for it. I really liked it. The scarecrows were the stars of the show. I hope you are able to work on other projects. I loved seeing your stuff in Krampus, too.

Jay's Shadow said...

Need to watch this again, been awhile.

And yeah, Xfinity is WAY overpriced.

Rot said...

VS, due to the timing of the build, I only took a couple daytime shots of each scarecrow and then was never happy with them so I just forgot about it.
Fangoria featured some of those shots so I just figured that was that.

Next time, if there is a next time, i'll document it : )

Pumpkin5 said...

Cable companies are all rotten. :(

VenomStorm said...

Sounds good Rot. Good to know.