Tuesday, September 4, 2018


We REALLY dug this discussion...



Steve Ring said...

I never miss anything produced by RLM.. Best cinema analysis out there.

girl6 said...

THAT movie IS MANTASTIC!!! & sucha great homage to the 30's film..Most Dangerous Game. Awwwwww..& i feel as tho these guys did this review just for me. HAHAHHAA!!! i LOVE that movie. and honestly..as beautiful as Giger's Alien is The Predator was & always will be THE Alien for me. He's got sooooo much personality. like when he imitates Billy's laugh..Omgggg. that laugh..he's a YUCKER!!! HAHAHA. awwwww yeah man, right on. God..& he's SO Beautiful too. He's like this space cat..he actually trills!!! & those dreadlocks & fishnets..just gorgeous. perfect mix of like alien warrior meets urban assassin. Thank YOU Stan Winston.

i am SO thrilled that Shane Black IS part of The Predator Universe again & directing this new installment. he is sucha GREAT writer/director & i think he's do it proper justice.