Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Tunnel Of Terror

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VenomStorm said...

This reminds me of the places that used to do haunted car washes when I was growing up. Not sure if anyone still does those. Those were neat. There were monsters creeping around your car while you waited in line and my dad would always roll the windows down or unlock the car as they got close to freak me and my brother out. Good times.

Jay's Shadow said...

Haunted car wash.
Now that would be cool.

girl6 said...

this pic totally took me back to last october when we stayed at coney island nyc for the weekend & had a wonderful time doing the OLD school portion of the boardwalk. if you go down into the aracde section (where all the Zoltar fortune telling machines are & next to the Wonder Wheel) that's where the Spookarama lives...awwwwwww man. it's like a haunted tunnel of love ride. $8 SUPER well spent. so magical & i kept thinkig of The Warriors all weekend too!!! hahahha


it's open ALL year..<333

VenomStorm said...

Yeah Jay, they were really cool. Maybe they were just a New England thing.