Monday, November 26, 2018

Terror On Reyburn Drive

The Haunt of Eric Wetherington.

More images here.

And here.


Jeano Roid said...

If these are handmade props they are quite well done!

Anonymous said...

GREAT haunt.

Agree with Mr. Roid, if these are handmade, incredible work.

Willow Cove said...

Yeah, that Nosferatu is amazing. I gotta give my Count a makeover.

girl6 said...

Ohhh that Nosferatu is Nice. not many haunts givin LOVE to the Nos. & i appreciate it SO much when one does. WC's Nos is SO gorgeous..a hardcore he stepped straight off the silent screen & Terror on Reyburn Drive's Nos is a cross between The Strand's..Strigoi & Star Trek Nemesis' Remans. Both are Beauties!!!

Save your Count WC..he's sucha keeper. maybe some year you'll make another classic beauty/creature as company for the Count. bet you could recreate a wonderful version of The Golem from either the 1915 or 1920 version. same film..just upgraded by the director. both are silent spookies & classics.