Friday, November 9, 2018

Willow Cove Haunt 2018: Always Haunt Alone

A yard haunter who invited his new creepy neighbor to help him with the haunt and ended up being a part of it. A haunt about a vampire who turned a haunter into a haunt.

I find this theme especially enjoyable considering our CHURCH collaboration Haunt this year!  What a great back story on this one.


girl6 said...

CREEPY & FUN at the same time.
pics look GREAT (can't tell there's a problematic phone involved at all)

that pumpkin man scarecrow IS a real classic!!! he's spooky & very mischievous looking. he reminds me of the scarecrows on those old vintage Halloween postcards.

i LOVE the Count & that story too..HAHAHHAHA...VERY WC!!!
that count IS one of my ALL time Faves.

Anonymous said...

Agree with G6. Always love that vampire, and I dig the little skeleton dude poking out of the shirt pocket.

Ragged Grin said...

Absolutely adore that scarecrow and that Nosferatu should be in every haunt as the humble narrator

Willow Cove said...

Thanks guys!
JS, the little orange pocket skelly came from a couple on Etsy who was selling little jack o lanterns and it came as swag. And the flip phone and name on the mailbox were a last minute nod to a famous yard haunter ;)
I can't believe i still had a flip phone lying around,,,,