Friday, January 25, 2019

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bean said...

Loved seeing this with you. Such a masterpiece.

Amy said...

Rot went to a theater, twice, to see the same movie?!

Unbreakable is in my top 10 of all time, so I’m ecstatic that you guys loved Glass. Would you put this in M Nights top 3? Hoping to check it out next weekend.

Off topic, but are you a fan of SIGNS? I have so much love for that movie..feels like fall.

Jay's Shadow said...

Unbreakable and Split were GREAT movies (especially Split), so this should be just as good.

I hope.

Rot said...

I think Unbreakable was his masterpiece until i saw this film.
It really is the perfect sequel to that film, and to Split.

LOVED Signs. And I agree about it feeling like fall in the entire thing.

This is def in his top three.

No joke. I'm salivating to own this film.

Rot said...

Here's my official review:

GLASS wasn't the film I expected or thought I wanted.
GLASS was the film I didn't know I needed.


but seriously