Friday, January 11, 2019

The Blithe Asylum Massacre

A wonderfully dark theme for a Haunt by Nightmare Dominion. 
The terrifying notion of an insane asylum - overrun...

More images here.


Rot said...

been thinking about this theme a lot.
Just incredibly spooky. I love the open doors.

After all, this is how Freddy came to be. ; )

Sara said...

This is fantastically done! Really chilling. Love the security camera.

Rot said...

yeah. loads of neat ideas here.
the scarecrows are a load of fun too...made with hospital gowns!

Unknown said...

Seems like this theme gets a lot more pushback than the others from "concerned" people and organizations. It's a shame because there is no mocking of the individuals with mental issues, it's the situation. Even the disorders are not individuals with feelings.

Plus, repeat murderers/serial killers likely have mental issues. It's okay to fear and denounce their actions.

Rot said...

Agreed. A part of me was wondering if I'd offend anyone by posting the Haunt.
But I think it's amazing. And it's definitely not mocking mental illness.