Monday, January 3, 2022

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Space Mutiny (some scenes).


Sarwyn said...

Omg! I miss this show! So many late night weekends spent watching this.

The durability of those Zambonis is a bit questionable.

Rot said...

I miss it too. The Netflix revival was sacrilege.
For me, it was watching it on the SyFy channel on Saturday mornings.
Golden memories.

Sarwyn said...

I couldn’t bring myself to watch that! My childhood memories have been left intact, haha.

Mike C(JASONV123) said...

Classic! I diddnt see the Netflix version.. hmm.. ill have to check it out.

Haunted Eve said...

Mr. Haunted Eve here. You've got to see the RiffTrax Live version of Space Mutiny.
Rifftrax is Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett all who appeared/worked on MST3K back in the day. You can catch several of the RiffTrax movies for free on Amazon Prime if you have a membership, they rotate them in and out over time. Or you can buy the movies directly from them. Helped us get through the pandemic in early 2020! And if you like MST3K, there's also The Mads Are Back who still riff on movies and shorts as well (TV's Frank and Doctor Clayton Forrester).

Rot said...

I've heard of Rifftrax, but never fully indulged.
And I had no idea Frank and Doc Forrester did their own thing! Madness!

Thanks for the links!

Willow Cove said...

And you can find a Rifftrax Channel on Pluto Tv- on Roku.