Thursday, October 6, 2022

7 Best Halloween Cocktails in 2022

According to the Cocktail Society, that is.  I'm listening (though some of those ingredients are mysteries to me).

The Oogie Boogie

1.5 oz Tequila Blanco
0.75 oz Mezcal
0.75 oz Grand Marnier
1.5 oz lime juice
0.75 oz tarragon syrup
one chili pepper
one egg white
carbon salt
lemon peel

White Pumpkin Russian

2 oz Vodka
1 oz Kahlua
1 oz heavy cream
0.25 oz pumpkin spice syrup
pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon for garnish

Black 'N Bloody Mai Tai

1.5 oz White Rum
0.75 oz Cointreau
0.75 oz Freshly squeezed lime juice
0.5 oz Orgeat
0.75 oz Dark rum
A dash of squid ink -or alternatively 1 tbsp. of activated charcoal, if you have reservations about squid ink
Dried Hibiscus flowers


Mike C(JASONV123) said...

Nice! They all look tasty, but the oogie boogy looks killer!

Autumnleaf said...

Gotta go with the simple pleasures.....white pumpkin Russian. I love the tea-cup it's in too.