Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Orb Webs

The webs of Angela White-Wenger.

Fossilized spider webs of Pacific Northwestern orb weavers on porcelain.  

Click here for the shop.

And here for the artist's IG.

Thanks, Wren!


Lady M said...

lovely ceramics.

Revenant Manor said...

I've never seen anything like this, and am fascinated.

Some of my very favorite visitors to the yard are marbled orbweavers, and holding a web in my hands like that is a pretty appealing notion.

MR. Macabre said...

That is some very cool stuff, how have my wife and I not seen or heard about her, considering that we live in the PNW?

Rot said...

Yup. Really amazing to ponder that a web is used for these items. Such a unique process. Naturally I was wishing for an orange mug.

MR. Macabre said...

She could make a small fortune if she offered orange Halloween products.