Monday, March 4, 2024

Garden Torch

The fuel for such a thing is a toilet paper roll dipped in wax.  Supposedly will burn for 90 minutes.  The Halloween implications are overwhelming.


MR. Macabre said...

I've used something similar in my flaming JOL's for decades, a roll of ass wipe soaked in kerosene. It'll burn up to 3 feet high for 35-40 minutes while it roasts the inside of the pumpkin until it's crunchy and black. I would usually go through 3 "wicks" every Halloween night.
Kerosene is much safer than gasoline or lighter fluid, and I'd go through a gallon or less every year. The trick is to be sure to completely saturate each roll, put it in a small plastic pail and keep adding more kerosene until it soaks it all up.
I think I just gave away a Halloween trade secret, 99% of the visitors to my haunts haven't guessed how it's done.

Rot said...

wow....that sounds very interesting!
I would love to give this ass wipe kerosene wick a shot! haha
Thanks for sharing! What could possibly go wrong?

MR. Macabre said...

Just make sure no one can get too close, it needs to be in a space not accessible to your guests. It does put out a lot of heat and flames.

Evil Vines Cemetery said...

The wildfire implications are overwhelming here in California. Not gonna happen. But I cannot deny it looks impressive.