Monday, July 28, 2008

Yankee Halloween

A long time ago, the Yankee candle company sold a scented candle called HALLOWEEN. It quickly was replaced by their WITCH'S BREW and TRICK OR TREAT scented candles. I'm fortunate enough to own one of these beauties. I'd describe the scent as cloves and black licorice, but that really isn't doing it justice. I hope they re-release HALLOWEEN again so I can start burning this candle for more than a few minutes at a time.

Sweet Lord!


Jon Glassett said...

I was burning my very small Trick or Treat candle on Friday but only let it go for about an hour. My understanding is that one has been discontinued now, as well.


The Fall scents so far are okay but there's nothing really blowing me away. Looks like Dark Candles is where it's at this year.

Can't BELIEVE that eBay listing. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

What? $250?! For a candle?!


Rot said...

Agreed. Way too much dough for something that you are literally lighting on fire.

Dave Lowe said...

"Pack rat" or "hoarding" conditions in people must be on the rise due to
EBAY and shows like Antique Roadshow.
It seems anything and everything can be considered "collectible" now.

Jon Glassett said...

I'm headed out to Yankee Candle headquarters out in Deerfield, MA this weekend. I'm hoping to find some leftovers from past Halloweens. It's a pretty cool place, actually. I wouldn't normally get excited about a candle store but this one is huge and features themed rooms.

Oh, yes...there IS a Halloween section.

Rot said...

I still have a smaller jar of Trick or Treat with the old vintage style pumpkin art on the label. They put out a Licorice one with a vintage style cat on it and, like a fool, I burned it up thinking it'd be back every year.

halloween said...

I recently contacted Yankee Candle and asked them to re-issue Halloween. I also commented on that on their Facebook page. Hope it helps! I've never smelled Halloween but I'd like to! It sounds fantastic.

Wendy said...

Hey, Yankee Candle is coming out with two Halloween scents in 2010. One is called candy corn and the other is Bewitched, I believe. Someone showed me the brochure they give to store owners/managers from which to order. Candy Corn sounds like Trick or Treat from a few years ago. I still wish they'd bring back the Halloween scent.

Rot said...

Bewitched sounds promising.

Yeah, we have two of those Halloween jars and I'm afraid to burn them these days.

Thanks so much for the info.