Thursday, July 31, 2008

Waiting for Autumn

The art of Ashley Goldberg.

I love this entry:

"I have imagined over and over again what my dream house would look like, the way some girls obsess over their wedding or their future children:
On top of a cliff overlooking the ocean and a rocky shore. An old house with maybe two fireplaces. Nooks and small small rooms… maybe even to the point of seeming choppy, except a large bedroom and living room would be nice.
Or deep in the woods by a creek.
Or a stone-and-brick house in a city that looks like a good trick-or-treating neighborhood (you know the ones)."


bean said...

for me i call it the gorey house. dark wood everywhere. screened in back porch. wrap around front porch. writing room at the tip top of the house. fireplace in the study and master bedroom. floor to ceiling windows. another screened in balcony/porch off the master bedroom. work barn in the back. a creek. a graveyard. a hammock.