Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Field of Scarecrows: Part XX

Found some beautiful pieces of scarecrow art on DeviantArt.com - pages and pages of scarecrows.

Image source and more great pics.

Then there was this guy. Manipulating a photo of Johnny Appleseed with no link to the source. Man, that's just lame.

Photo source.

UPDATE: A good friend of mine happened to bring this fact to the attention of the administrators at DeviantArt.com and now I see that the image is no longer available. Cool.


Mr. Macabre said...

That IS lame! I have always wanted to ask, as you are an artist, how do you feel about others copying your work as the Pumpkinrot scarecrow as either a scarecrow or in other media as a painting without giving you credit? Just curious since I see copies of your work on a somewhat regular basis across the Internet. Thanks!

Rot said...

I'm actually fine with seeing people making creations inspired by props I've made. It's a really neat feeling and I think that's the nature of the world of haunting. It's always nice to see a nod to the source of inspiration though.
But usage of my copyrighted images from my site really bugs me. I get a lot of email requests for image usage for things like album covers and school projects and I always give approval, as long as they agree to note the source or give a link.

I guess the bottom line is that if a prop looks 60% or more like something else (or would never have existed in the first place), the source material should be noted.

My two cents.

Jon Glassett said...

This kind of thing really irritates me. If you're so inspired by someone's work that you do something that emulates them that's one thing. Actually taking the original work and trying to pass it off as your own is weak.