Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ullery Manor

Bet this is pretty cool in person. Looks like a faux flame effect in the garage with a giant moving skull. Neat.

The Ullery Manor


Anonymous said...

was just at party city at the red rose commons shopping center in lancaster and they are putting out their halloween stuff already! YEA!!!

Rot said...

Cool, man!
Picked up some supplies at Michael's today and there were some more decoratios out... : )

Black Friday said...

Man i'm gonna have to give my friend a call who works at michael's to see if we got some halloween stuff already! I work at target where I live and they said we should be getting it in august..ughh lol

Unknown said...

To all, I am the owner of "Ullery Manor". I am really honored for the nice comments and my wife and I work very hard on doing this for our community. (BTW: These pics are from 2006.)
Ullery Manor is located in Banks, Oregon just outside Portland. Last year (2007) we had 1,200 trick-or-treators! We are busy building a our new set for 2008. Unfortunatly we released our domain/website this past year ( that you use to be able find pictures. I am considering though getting a "permanent" web site for Ullery Manor. I've had a lot of requests on how I do some of the custom creations, animations, etc. I'll post back if we decide to do so.
For now, Have a Happy HallowSCREEM! Marty Ullery

Unknown said...

Wanted to update anyone looking for Ullery Manor that we've changed the name to "The Scary House" and now have a new website dedicated to our Halloween Madness at The 2008 pictures are posted for those interested!