Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October 30th

Never took part in Mischief Night. Our family always talked about it as though we'd wake up on Halloween morning and find smashed eggs on the side of the house and our pumpkins crushed in the street (the car was always locked away in the garage on that night to prevent soaped windows). I can't recall anything being done to any house on our block, yet we always held our breath hoping we'd make it through the night untouched. Such a weird irrational fear.

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Unknown said...

I heard all of the same kinds of stories. I don't recall ever seeing any of it either, with one exception. Occasionally we'd find other people's jack-o-lanterns smashed in the streets. I think I saw that maybe twice when I was growing up, and usually a neighborhood or two over. I found a nice little candle-holder that way. It wasn't worth much, and there was no way to know whose it was, and it was a road hazard where it was.

Rot said...

The way my family acted, you'd think an elderly woman was burned to death after her robe caught fire while stamping out a flaming bag of dog poo...supposedly a common Devil's Night prank.

MISCHIEF NIGHT would be a great name for a movie that takes place the night before Halloween. All the feel of Halloween, but the night before...

Her. said...

Apparently there was a movie made about Mischief Night, according to wikipedia and imdb:



Anonymous said...

Actually, those types of things happen on Halloween night in my mother's neighborhood (in California). It's a neighborhood that has declined in the last few years. I now tell my mother to lock up and turn out the lights (she won't, the kids do things to you if you don't give out candy). We stopped decorating her home about two years ago.

Halloween night was OK while the children were out and about, but after 9 PM, you pulled everything in and waited, that metallic taste of fear in the back of your throat.