Thursday, October 9, 2008


The Headless Horseman Hayride entry reminded me of the first hayride I ever experienced. I was in grade school, probably about 12 years old. It wasn't a haunted one, just an evening of bonfires, hotdogs, hot chocolate - and a wagon pull where the wagons would maneuver around and swoop by the other wagons encouraging the kids to throw hay at the other wagons as we passed. Strange and probably pretty dangerous since we were hanging over the edges to throw the hay.

The highlight of this formative experience was when the girls that went along as part of this school function clustered together and sat in one corner of the wagon. Being an awkward pre-teen kid, I remember thinking how cool it was sharing a wagon with Donna, the cutest girl on the trip. They had covered their legs with piles of hay and I'm not sure how it happened or what I was thinking, but my perception was off and I flopped down next to Donna. I had assumed she was sitting Indian-style with her legs crossed. She wasn't. I landed with my full weight onto her knees. She screamed.

Sorry, Donna. Wherever you are.

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Anonymous said...

What a cute story!

I've been looking for a haunted hayride around here, but most don't start 'til the 17th. *pout*