Monday, October 13, 2008

Fear Inc.

A fellow haunter (Fear Incorporated) that I've known for a few years - a true craftsman, skilled in the arts of sculpture and atmosphere. And a super nice guy. I asked him to send me some shots of his incredible work so I could post them here.

His office at work decorated for Halloween.

The Heretic prop, burning at the stake. This one was animated as she tried to wriggle her way out of the ropes and away from the flames.


Grim said...

I like the office setup, that would be good year-round. That's some great work.

Johnny Love said...

I love the tombstone with the candles, very elegant. Does he have a website?

Rot said...

He had a website at one time, but not any longer. I'm hoping he builds another one. I'll keep the pressure on him to do it.

: )

Fear Inc. said...

Hi Guys,
Not sure why I didn't join you sooner. I'm glad you like the stuff. I'll be starting a new site soon. In the mean time I've been adding photo albums to my profile page at or I'd be happy to email.