Friday, October 17, 2008


Passed a box of pumpkins outside of a supermarket a few days ago and every single one of those orange guys was missing the stem. Busted off and gone. Reminded me of the days driving home with stemmed pumpkins in my trunk or back seat and driving like I was carrying a shipment of nitroglycerine, worried that the pumpkins would tip over and lose a stem. I love stems. The longer the better, and if there's part of a vine still attached, wow. When I cut my own from a Pick-Your-Own patch, I always make sure to take my knife and include about a foot of vines on each side (Like in THIS pic). They dry up by Halloween and look really creepy. I guess thin branches or grapevines from craft store grapevine wreaths could be used to simulate the look of pumpkin runners for some added texture and atmosphere.

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Grim said...

There's nothing worse than a broken off stem. I found myself doing that very cautious driving a couple of days ago when I was driving my pumpkins home, that's funny.

Johnny said...

Here Here!
That's one of the reasons we started growing pumpkins in our garden this year, to get as many vines as possible.

Nev said...

Whats pretty cool to do is twist them and then let them dry to get a cool twisted look. Another thing you can do is get a coat hanger and shape it, then tape the stem to the shape and let it dry so it forms loops and such (depending on the length).