Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Evil

I possess no memory of believing in Santa at any point in my life. I believe my parents avoided the whole affair by just ignoring him and hoping he went away. None of the presents I got ever said "From: Santa" and we never left cookies for the guy. So we grew up thinking Christmas was just a time of year when your family gave you stuff and Santa was just an image associated with the holiday, like pumpkins, cats, and witches for Halloween.

I do remember my mother telling us a story when I was really young. She said it was Christmas Eve when it happened and she was probably around five years old. She awoke during the night and saw a shadow on the wall out in the hallway outside her bedroom - the shadow of a skinny figure with a pointed hat, and she heard jingling. She told us how terrified she was and how she pulled the sheets over her head in horror. We'd make her tell the creepy Christmas story every year. It never gets old. Thank GOD I never made the connection between that shadow and Santa Claus. I probably would have wet the bed every single Christmas Eve.

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