Friday, November 20, 2009


The art of Sara Haase.

Gallery here.


SaraHaase said...

Seeing this made my day, especially considering I am such a fan of your work and aesthetic! Thank you so much for promoting my work! And I love that you featured my skeleton. He's one of my favorites.

Rot said...

: )

I checked out your work after you left a comment and loved it.

The belly dancers were wonderful too, but non-Halloween (or I would have posted them here).

The skeleton is such a neat piece.

Sara said...

Sara, LOVE your art. Your gestures are dynamic. ;) Nice name, too!

Sara said...

Oh, and I also noticed you live in Long Beach (did some poking around on your sites). Do you go to CSULB? I went there and almost majored in illustration.

SaraHaase said...

Ha! I just moved to Long Beach so that I could attend CSULB! I'm there now - and considering the Illustration program. Any reason you didn't go through with it? [thank you for your compliments!]

Sara said...

I had a REALLY crappy teacher that burnt me out the first two years I was there. We had several major projects each week and I couldn't hack it. I became so unhappy doing art for my teachers. That, and the realization that if I wanted to survive in the art program, I needed to eat, breath and sleep art for the rest of my college career(when you are on the six-year-plan like I was, that is a LONG time). That, and I was lazy, lol. I couldn't hack it.

What teachers do you have? Are you taking sophmore or entry level classes? I wonder if my crappy teacher is still there, lol.

I still love CSULB,though. I miss being so close to the beach!

SaraHaase said...

O man! I'm so so sorry they burned you out on something so awesome! [Did you have the same professor for a couple of semesters those first two years?] I think I'm kind of a junior right now - I'm at 70+ units I'm guessing. I really should be more on top of this. The two art teachers I have right now are Krumpak and Michelon. Michelon is awesome - and Krumpak seems to be someone you either love or hate. And I'm really not getting along with him right now - and it IS stressing me out to death. Next semester, I'll have Norcliffe, McClure, Song, and Velvic - might any of those be that evil teacher?

Sara said...

Actually, I was talking about Krumpak. LOL, weird, huh? He KILLED ME. UGH. Dude, I remember my first semester, I was all shy and he had us dance on the tables so others could draw us and I straight up refused and he started mocking me and declaring I was boring and no fun and no guy would want to take me out and other weird things. Very strange. Besides that, I could never please him artistically. I would always choose subjects that he hated and he always chose subjects I hated and we never saw eye to eye. Alas, it worked out for the best, but he was an awful teacher to have the first semester. We had about two or three hard projects a week.

Has he changed, lol? Have you guys gone down to downtown LA to China town? That was really fun. :)

SaraHaase said...

HA I had a feeling it was him. He seems to be the exact same. I know a lot of upper students seem to enjoy greeting him in the halls - but, everyone in my class [Intro to Painting] despises him. He's very enthusiastic, but you can't expect everyone to want to participate in weird shit like dancing around.

We haven't been on any field trips like that - but it does sound like something he would want to do! He's always talking about how much he loves the culture of LA and whatnot. It's even in his paintings.

I'm trying my BEST to not hate on him right now. Trying to see the good in him.

Hahaha what are the chances???

Sara said...

haha, yeah small freaking world. He totally plays favorites :( But you're a great artist. Even if you don't make the grade you want, you can rest easy(sorta) knowing that you totally DESERVE a great grade. I can't believe he is still teaching. I hate tenured profs when they suck. Booo. Yeah, he is obesessed with LA and Venice Beach. I think I had him for a Intro to Drawing class, not painting. LOL, I never made it that far.