Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Season Of The Witch

A quick video of the Corn Witch in action. Click below.

Music from the Halloween III score.



This is AMAZING Rot! I know for certain that I would have been too afraid as a kid to have approached her. Now, you couldn't keep me away from her!

Rot said...

Yeah, my brother was a great sport. He was creeping all of us out in the way he'd move the witch's head.

I sent him raw footage and he replied "Dude, I AM the Corn Witch!"


Devils Chariot said...

Whoa! I didn't know it was a costume! That makes it even better!

Mr. Chicken said...

Whoa! That's spectacular! Reminds me of the Mystics in The Dark Crystal...but really creepy

I can't get over how effective that is

This settles it-- one year I'll have to put some actors in my haunt.

Rot said...

I guess it's a take on the Stalkaround concept...I'll call it the Sitaround.

The face is about a foot and a half away from the wearer's face.

Rot said...

I've always wanted to do a prop-costume. My Death stalkaround back in 2001 was originally designed so I could hand out candy while sitting down, but the proportions were all wrong.

That's great Mr. Chicken because when I tried to describe this Prop/costume to coworkers I kept saying "Well, it's like a Skeksis from the Dark Crystal."

Of course, they looked at me like I was crazy.

All Together Dead said...

absolutely fantastic, great costume, great movement effects, all around triple A+

Anonymous said...

That witch is absolutely great!
I can't wait for the final video and score!

Pam Morris said...

yeah, there is no way I would have approached this house for halloween! your brother deserves a big something or other as payment for his ghoulish duties...terrific! at first I had no idea the witch was 'live' geez, really spooky!

Rot said...


I'll let him know he was a hit.
: )

The Captain said...

Super creepy! I cant wait to see the full video for 2009

Arcane said...

One word. FREAKY!!
Great job Rot!

Anonymous said...

There is a certain uneasiness about this enchanting necromancer!! Absolutely fascinating concept. RĂ˜✞ you should consider writing a short story based upon this haunt/ then a short movie. It would be brilliant! Seriously, I feel this is your best work to date! Look me up if you ever decide to take it there, and are in need of an investor!

Johnny said...

Man that is creepy!
I think this is my favorite haunt of yours so far.
It's perfect.
Did any kids actually approach that thing?

Rot said...

: )

Didn't get a chance to try it out on kids since it rained.

I'm starting to think that it would have been too scary for kids to approach.

Hopsy the beer drinking clown said...

That is truly inspiring, what a great costume and setting! It all just comes together perfectly, its just so creepy.Next year I need to recruit a few more live actors besides myself to help haunt the yard...I better get busy now

Grim said...

Very cool! I'm pretty sure that as a kid I would have observed that from a distance for quite some time, never working up the courage to approach it. If there was the slightest hint of movement that it was headed my way, I'd probably still be running.

ShellHawk said...

Wow! Great concept, great execution!

Darkrose Manor LLC said...

Absolutely WICKED.

JD said...

Awesome Rot, as always.

I started using an actor a few years ago after purchasing the Alternate Vampyre mask and hands from Death Studios; it was too good not to feature.

In this case, it's my younger brother. He's usually out there for a few hours on the big night, up on a balcony and away from the crowd. Kinda overshadows all the props, but in a really good way.