Saturday, November 21, 2009

Halloween Horticulture

Drove past a house and saw that they had old dried vines growing around and onto the porch. They looked like grape vines. They also had a row of tomato plants that had withered and browned along the walk to the front porch. It got me thinking about the different plants that a person could grow through the year with the goal of having gnarly nasty old dried up creepy plants for Halloween night. The tomatoes were still on the vine and they looked like mini green and red pumpkins. The brown leaves and vines were brittle and thinning. I imagined jack o'lanterns at the base of them and how they'd look at night.

I love the idea of an overgrown property on Halloween night (or one made to look like it was overgrown and neglected). Even dirty old terra cotta pots overflowing with dried vines and wrinkled tomatoes could be placed around a haunt. I'd imagine it'd add instant atmosphere.

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